Casino Parties

casino-party-bus-rentalRenting a Skyline Party Bus is the first step to an amazing casino night. We’re your worry-free transportation solution for an evening at the casino and then some. Whether you wish to spend the evening at just one casino or move the party to several, Skyline can accommodate your plans.
We’ll drop you at the front door and save you from that horrid parking search. Whenever you are ready, we’ll pick up at the same door, avoiding the miserable search for your car in that massive parking lot. Before you know it, your at your next location, with your favorite people and maybe even your lucky charm.
Renting a Party Bus for your casino filled evening is the best way to get the most of your night. Our drivers are flexible and move at the pace you set. Enjoy the comfort of our transportation, the surround sound our buses are equipped with. Be loose, be comfortable, be you. Light up a smoke or tip up a glass, your free to do as you please when we’re behind the wheel.
The best part about our party bus rental services is that they’re affordable, you won’t have to dip into your gambling money to enjoy an experience you can’t forget. Don’t take your chances, rent from only the best party bus rental company in Minnesota, Skyline! Call us today and reserve your favorite bus at 612-21-PARTY!

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