Prom & Homecoming Bus Rental MN

prom-party-bus-rental-imagesProm and Homecoming are events that come once in a person’s life and can never be repeated. It’s a time to enjoy the life you share with your friends and make memories that will last until, well forever. Imagine the look on peoples face when you and your people pull up to the school in a huge party bus!
Set the tone by walking off the party bus with your gorgeous dresses and fitted suits. The school population will all be talking, heads will turn and your friends will be elated to join in the festivities with you, in both luxury and style. By renting a party bus for your Prom or Homecoming Event you can have a pre-party, after-party, go out to eat, even pick up your last minute, needed accessories in an amazing and unforgettable fashion.
Add to the fun and excitement of this special evening by choosing to rent from Skyline Party Bus. Our company can accommodate your request. Prom and Homecoming will be one of the most memorable times for a student and all of their friends. Our party buses are big enough to fit 35 people, so there’s plenty of room for everyone you have in mind.
Safety Matters
Skyline only hires professional and experienced driver. Everyone operating the bus is required to have their CDL certification and has undergone background testing, as well as drug testing, to guarantee the safety of the students and give peace of mind on this important night.
Call Skyline for a FREE estimate today at 612-21-PARTY! You will be amazed at how affordable it actually is, and how much it will relieve your concerns.

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